Festive Multiethnic Costumes

Festive Multiethnic Costumes
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Children learn about other cultures with this festive set of dress-up costumes

3 - 5 years. Encourage independence by allowing children to practice dressing skills with these soft, machine-washable dress-up costumes. Pullover tunics and hook-and-loop closures allow children to practice dressing and undressing, encouraging independence. Enhance the dramatic play experience by adding books, food, music, props, and history of each culture. Children can dress in authentic costumes representing different cultures. All costumes are 100% polyester, with the exception of Indian and Russian costumes, which are 10% Cotton/90% Polyester.

Costumes are available separately and in a set:

Complete Set of 14 Costumes Kente-Inspired Dashiki Boy & Kente-Inspired Boubou Girl, Chinese Daopao Boy & Chinese Cheongsam Girl, Mexican Poncho Boy & Mexican Huipil Girl, Indian Kurta Boy & Indian Sari Girl, Korean Jeorgi Boy & Korean Hanbok Girl, Native American Boy & Native American Girl, and Russian Kosovorotka Boy & Russian Sarafan Girl

Individual Costumes:

Kente-Inspired Dashiki Boy - Colorful 2-piece boy's outfit features a tunic and hat in the traditional pattern of West Africa.

Kente-Inspired Boubou Girl - This colorful 3-piece girl's outfit features a top, skirt with elastic waist, and head scarf in a traditional pattern of West Africa.

Chinese Daopao Boy - A stylistically patterned wrap top and matching belt represents the traditional colors and designs of the daopao, a traditional Chinese boy's wrap. The wrap is worn like a robe with a simple belt tied around the waist to keep it closed.

Chinese Cheongsam Girl - A brightly colored red dress with stylistic gold patterns represents the traditional colors of the cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress.

Mexican Poncho Boy - This colorful vest with fringed details and Mexican print represents the traditional clothing of the Mexican culture.

Mexican Huipil Girl - This colorful, ruffled dress with ribbon details along the hem represents the traditional clothing of the Mexican culture.

Indian Kurta Boy - This brightly colored kurta, a wide-collared tunic with gold-colored embellishments, represents the cultural dress of India.

Indian Sari Girl - This brightly patterned dress, along with a golden-colored scarf called a sari, represents the cultural clothing of India.

Korean Jeorgi Boy - This simple, silk-styled V-neck top is called a jeorgi. It represents the traditional boy's clothing of Korea.

Korean Hanbok Girl - This detailed, silk-styled dress represents the traditional girl's clothing of Korea. It is called a hanbok.

Native American Boy - Representing the traditional clothing of Native Americans, this shirt tunic design has fringed sleeves and stylistic designs to mimic deer hide clothing.

Native American Girl - Representing the traditional clothing of the Native American girl, this dress features fringed sleeves and stylistic designs to mimic deer hide clothing.

Russian Kosovorotka Boy - This kosovorotka tunic represents a boy's traditional folk dance costume of Russia.

Russian Sarafan Girl - Dance to traditional Russian music in this sarafan folk dress! The brightly colored, patterned dress represents the traditional folk dance costume of Russia.



Multicultural Costumes

4 stars
The costumes are adorable but they do not fit bigger children. Would love to see traditional Hispanic or Vietnamese costumes added to this set.


5 stars
This is a fantastic product that allows children to express/share their different cultures. It will expose others to different backgrounds and ethnicities. The kids love playing dress up. There are many ways to incorporate these into the classroom through plays, social studies units, and research products.


5 stars
What a great way to learn about others lives! Fun to wear and I great way to introduce new ideas in young lives!

Great quality and fits well on children

5 stars
This is great for a daycare classroom. The kids enjoy the diversity and bright colors. Great quality and nice material.

Our kids love this`

5 stars
This is great to add diversity to your dramatic play area. Our kids in the preschool classroom love how easy it is to get dressed up and use their imagination. This is a great addition to our program.

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