Toddler Flip Flop ABC Blocks - 26 Blocks With Movement and Sound

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12 months & up. Flip Flop ABC Blocks bring classic wood letter blocks to life, offering a magical experience for toddlers while they become familiar with the alphabet! Each block represents a letter, and inside each clear block is a suspended letter or character that begins with that letter! Hidden magnets in the adorable characters or letters dangling inside the clear 2" blocks allow each one to interact, jiggling and wiggling as they come to life! Use the magical wand to wave over the blocks and watch them move even more!

No sound

4 stars
I bought these a couple years ago when my son was a baby. We played with them a lot. Very cool. The title says sound inside but there is no sound. Just movement.

Letters on blocks come off

4 stars
The 2 yr old within minutes of opening them peeled several of the letters off. I suggest they go on the inside of the blocks.