Wooden Roadway Track System

Item: 30628
Status: Product is No Longer Available

2 years & up. Build countless roadway configurations with this 42-piece set that includes various sizes and shapes of wooden roadway. These durable, hardwood veneered pieces are sized to work with unit blocks at a 5" standard width, and easily fit together like puzzle pieces. Ideal for large group play. Builds teamwork, cooperation, and enhances creativity and problem solving skills. Sizes range from 2.5" to 15" long. Community buildings, cars, people, unit blocks, and road signs are sold separately.

Roadway SYstem

5 stars
Extremely nice quality wooden pieces and lots of them. There is plenty of feet of car track to keep the children happy. I have a child care business and have purchased other car tracks in the best. This one is by far the best.