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Rhythm Sticks

Rhythm Sticks
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3 years & up. Use these rhythm sticks to enhance your musical fun. Set of 2 sticks, 10" x 1/2" diameter. Made in the USA.

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I''ve got rhythm....sticks!

5 stars
Increase coordination skills and brain activity with these rhythm sticks! Great for accross the mid-line activities, echo rhythm play, and creative and exploratory musical play. Made of durable wood and resilient paint, this preschool percussion instrument may be used to teach steady beat -hammer and nail style! Love to see the children roll and scrape the sticks. Toddlers can pretend the sticks are oars and row the boat or be windshield wipers. Great for eye-hand coordination, body identification, directions, and partner activites, too! Try imitating a violin player or rock out with these fantastic drum sticks! Children can "tap" into his or her own artistic rhythmic expression. Move and groove with this affordable instrument. It's fun anyway you play it.
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