How Tall am I? Game

How Tall am I? Game
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4 years & up. 2 to 4 players can learn visual estimation, size perception, measuring skills, matching skills and use the custom ruler to find out if their character is the tallest. With 30 different pieces to choose from you can create a different character every time you play.

Product Features

  • 2-4 Players
  • Create a Different Character Every Time You Play
  • Learn Visual Estimation, Size Perception, Measuring Skills and Matching Skills
  • 4 Years and Up

Love it!

5 stars
I didn't realize this was an actual game when I got it. I thought it was just a toy. The kids love playing with it independently, building silly combinations of people parts then measuring them. Who would have thought a ruler could be so much fun? Then it's also a game, where you roll a die and have to pick the part the die tells you to pick. So far that's needed a teacher's help for the 4-5's to keep track of the rules but all have enjoyed it. I'm really impressed that it measures in both inches (including 1/2's) and centimeters. Great for independent play or groups, with or without the game rules.

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