Quiet Chair Socks - Anti Noise and Anti Scratch

Quiet Chair Socks - Anti Noise and Anti Scratch
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Kaplan Elementary

A "cool" way to spruce up your classroom while cutting down on noise. Just slip these socks on the legs of your chairs and instantly transform your room. No more scratched floors! Available in a set of 4 socks for one chair, 24 socks for 6 chairs, and a set of 96 sliders for 24 chairs.

Chair Sox

5 stars
These are excellent!! All of the other teachers are jealous of my chair sox!! They make the chairs just glide along the floor. We have a brand new building and the chairs were making black marks on the new floors before I got the chair sox!!

What are Chair Socks?

4 stars
I have these in my room. They have been really nice and have worked to some degree. The con would be they are a bit difficult to put on the chairs.