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Ultraflex SAFE-T® Ruler

Ultraflex SAFE-T® Ruler
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5 - 13 years. Twist and roll this UltraFlex™ 12" / 30 cm ruler to measure curved and angular surfaces accurately. SAFE-T® Plastic will not break or shatter under normal classroom conditions. Features both U.S. customary and metric scales. Transparency lets students see what they're measuring. Ruler regains its flat shape when not in use. Colors vary.

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Not happy with Ultraflex SAFE-T Ruler

1 stars
Although I LOVE all the other products I purchased, I did not like the rulers. I received these rulers and the black paint was still wet!! Also, half of my rulers arrived covered in a milky, sticky film. Wet paint and milky, sticky film on a lot of rulers. The paint on the rulers that was dry still smeared or came off easily. I was covered in paint as I pulled each ruler out of the plastic sleeves. I prefer to get a GOOD set without having to mail the defective rulers back to Kaplan.
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