Easi-Speak™ USB Recorder

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Easi-Speak™ USB Recorder
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  • Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    4 years & up. Fun-and-easy wireless microphone encourages even reluctant students to speak up! Just one button to record, then simply play back and listen (up to 4 hours of audio). Extended uses across the curriculum -- oral language, fluency, phonics, speech therapy, intervention, math facts, podcasts and more. Built-in USB to charge via your computer and download (PC, Mac). Upload student-created files (WAV or MP3) to digital portfolios for authentic assessment, or share with other educators or parents. Integrated speaker offers quality playback for instant self-assessment.

    • A great tool for storytelling, emotions, phonics, tongue twisters, fluency, speech therapy, intervention, math facts, podcasts, dramatic play, assessment, teacher conferences, field trips and more
    • Boosts students' 21st-century skills
    • Invites all students to talk -- ideal for reluctant speakers and readers
    • Download to your computer (PC/Mac) and send files to other teachers, parents, and specialists
    • Upload to your class website, virtual learning network or digital portfolios for assessment
    • Provides simple operation for young students. Reading not required, and easier to use than a tape recorder
    • Allows teacher or student to listen without disturbing others
    • Does not require the purchase of batteries
    • Choose the file format / size that's right for you
    • Inspire creativity and budding musicians
    • Offers convenient portability and safety



    • Up to 4 hours of wireless recording time
    • Built-in speaker for high-quality playback
    • 128MB built-in memory
    • Fun microphone shape (5 1/4" H)
    • USB connection
    • Positive action on / off switch
    • Simple single button record
    • Playback volume control
    • 1 headphone jack
    • Battery charges via USB connector
    • WAV or MP3 recording capability
    • Audacity® recording software
    • Breakaway lanyard




  • Examples of Uses for Easi-Speak® Pro USB Recorder



    • Document student learning / thinking for formative assessment -- share files with specialists, other educators, or parents.
    • Conduct oral quizzes / tests or student self-assessments.
    • Record and communicate more complicated instructions for student activities or games.
    • Dictate curricula explanations, lessons or homework to provide to parents, administrators, absent students or substitutes.
    • Record and replay morning message.
    • Collect student-generated content to use as models for teaching others.
    • Conduct interviews.
    • Discuss / relate content to real-life contexts.
    • Share fears or favorite things about studying certain subjects / topics.

    Early Childhood and Special Needs

    • Capture social interactions and conflict resolution between students.
    • Use for dramatic play (role play singing, announcing, reporting, storytelling or giving speeches).
    • Practice pronouncing phonemes or letter sounds, counting, singing, chanting, etc.
    • Record speech therapy activities.

    Language Arts

    • Practice pronouncing phonemes, letter sounds or blending words.
    • Record read alouds, buddy reading or timed fluency readings
    • Recite poetry, spelling words or sentences using correct phrasing and intonation.
    • Retell or sequence a story. Record predictions. Ask questions about a story and recall details.
    • Record oral grammar structures and replay them to see if they sound correct.
    • Define and explain key vocabulary words.
    • Dictate writing prior to putting words on paper. Record writer's workshop conferences.
    • Practice or give a speech.
    • Be a reporter and conduct interviews.


    • Perform computations verbally, step by step. Explain mathematical reasoning and problem-solving strategies.
    • Communicate about, and relate, math concepts. Relate math to other subjects.
    • Complete a timed mental math quiz for math fluency.
    • Read a clock. Use correct wording to read aloud numerals, fractions / decimals / percents or monetary amounts.
    • Recite times tables, common equivalencies, place value order, months of the year or days of the week.
    • Identify, describe and compare objects' attributes.
    • identify and discuss a pattern, including how to create and extend it.
    • Estimate, compare and convert number values,measurements, etc.
    • Gather verbal data (surveys / polls) -- interpret data aloud.
    • Describe likelihood in probability or a coordinate path in geometry.

    Science and Social Studies

    • Explain scientific thinking.
    • Demonstrate understanding  of "big idea" concepts.
    • Explain how to design an investigation or full inquiry, or narrate / record actual ones.
    • Record observations. Identify, describe, compare and classify objects.
    • Gather, analyze and interpret data verbally.
    • Recite the order of the planets, steps in a process, states and capitals, presidents, a timeline or famous speeches.
    • Reenact historical events.