Lux Blox STEAM Primer 111 Pieces - Revolutionary Snapping Hinge Technology

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6 years & up. Experience the world of Lux through the patented revolutionary snapping hinge technology. Users are able to build structures which curve, bend, move, and fold! Lux connects not through sticking or stacking like other building sets, but through linking pieces together. Each durable building block piece connects on all 4 sides allowing for more flexible builds to create toys where any part can move. The Lux Steam Primer set will keep young imaginations entertained for hours while immersing them into the STEAM arts of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The Primer set includes multi-wheels and rubber bands to create structures utilizing a pulley and gear system. Use your imagination to free build, or use the build instructions to create a radar vehicle, gearbox, roadster, and more! Kit includes; 75 red, yellow and royal blue squares, 20 white trigons, 5 trigon wheels, 4 square wheels, 5 lux axles, and 2 rubber bands.