Pendulonium STEM Challenge

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Kaplan Elementary

5 years & up. Stack it, swing it, smash it! The Pendulonium STEM Challenge is an exciting engineering game that introduces physics fundamentals through playtime fun. Launch the balls from the three-piece adjustable pendulum and send them flying toward the goal cups and targets. Young learners are rewarded by devising their own solutions and tweaking their approaches through trial and error. This hands-on activity set features a collection of simple tasks that challenges kid's engineering, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Explore early physics concepts such as force and momentum in search of the ideal solution. Challenges ramp up in difficulty to encourage leveled play and continued development. Pendulonium is completely kid-powered supporting hand-eye coordination and muscle control. No batteries, rubber bands, or springs required! Includes a full-color booklet filled with easy-to-build challenges.