Red Flame Children's First Musical Guitar

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3 years & up. Get strumming on this vibrant red guitar! This beautifully-made, stringed instrument is a cross between a classical guitar and a ukulele and is precisely tuned for perfect sound. Ideal for beginners with little hands.Comes with some music sheets to help kids get started playing songs. Size: 25.67"L x 8.43"W x 2.36"H.

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Cost and age appropriate for 3yo

3 stars
This is not a high quality or expensive product, but it is functional and serves its purpose as an introductory guitar for a three-year-old. Easily falls out of tune, and there is prominent fret buzzing up and down the neck, making some notes unplayable (two in our case). None of this would be a problem for a 3yo experiencing a guitar for the first time. Body size is good, but neck is quite thick and most kids would not be able to make chords unless their hands are enormous. But realistically most will probably just strum the open strings more than anything. This product is fine for that.

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