STEM Starter Kit & Microscope Accessories

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6 years & up. Take a closer look at the microscopic world around you with this unique STEM Starter & Microscope Accessory Kit.

This kit allows you to transform your smart phone or tablet and transform it into a powerful microscope. Select your preferred lighting, clip the microscope over the camera lens on your phone or tablet, and position the scope directly over an object or slide you want a closer look at.

You can even take photos or record your research through video!

Clip-on microscope features up to 60x magnification. Batteries included.


  • Microscope lens with clip
  • 15 Prepared slides
  • 12 Blank slides
  • 12 Concavity slides
  • 2 Lights (Forensic UV and LED light)
  • 2 Slide storage cases
  • Cover glass and Plastic forceps
  • Plastic pipet (dropper)
  • Directions