Stomp Rocket® Stunt Planes & Bonus Party Pack

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Kaplan Elementary

5 years & up. Run, jump, and stomp to send these stunt planes high in the sky! These planes were designed by aeronautical engineers and are able to perform a variety of amazing tricks. Set features The Looper, The Glider, and The Wildcat. The Looper can perform giant loops, The Glider can soar up to 100 feet, and The Wildcat performs a variety of different tricks. Change up how they fly by adjusting the launch angle, fly with a head wind or tail wind, and more. 100% Kid-powered. No batteries and no assembly required. Included: 3 Stunt Planes, Sturdy Launch Stand, Launch Pad with Air Hose, and a Bonus party pack with 4 additional planes and 2 launch bulbs. Purchase as a set or individually.