Ozobot® Bit Starter Pack - Blue

Ozobot® Bit Starter Pack - Blue
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6 years & up. Exercise the power of your mind to program one of the world's smallest smart robots!

The Ozobot Bit features optical sensors that read short color code sequences when you draw on paper. Use markers to draw a track and follow the OzoCodes sheet to figure out which color patterns to include to make your Ozobot move the way you want it to.

Get creative and personalize your bot for additional fun. It's a unique and exciting way to introduce kids to STEM concepts. Ozobot Bit measures 1 cubic inch.


  • Ozobot Bit
  • Color code markers
  • 20 pages of Ozobot activities
  • 2 Clear Play Sleeves
  • 2 Sheets of reusable code stickers
  • USB charging cable
  • Ozoskin protective cover
  • Blank DIY customizable Ozoskin with personality stickers
  • Ozobot DIY skin sticker sheet
  • 1 OzoDice game
  • Free Android & iOS Apps

Ratings & Reviews

Ozobot Bit is a Powerful and Spunky Little Piece of Technology!

December 13, 2018
By BizzyTechster
From Newark, Delaware
Role Other
Setting Extended Day
Age Grades 6+
I have an after school coding club but I don't always have enough devices for everyone to use in order to code. The Ozobot Bit is perfect for this purpose. Students can actually code without using a computer or tablet and still learn the basics of coding. The Bit is small but packs a lot of power and spunk. All you do is use one of the four color markers included in the starter pack and decide what you want your Bit to do. Also included in the starter pack are very detailed instructions to get you going quick as well as several pre-written programs that you can use with your students to warm them up to Bit. Then you use the markers to make a sort of multi-colored track that your Bit will follow. As the Bit goes to each color or sequence of colors, it performs an action such as "slow down speed up or go blink a particular color a certain amount of times. You can even purchase special skins to outfit your Bit such like a Marvel character such as The Hulk, Captain America or Iron Man! My students love coding with Bit because they don't even view it as coding, more like drawing pictures. Our first project with the Bits was for everyone to spell out their first name and code it so that Bit was performing some type of action for each letter. The students were so amazed that they had to show some of their teachers their "beautiful masterpieces". Another project we did was to do research about each person's state of birth and then create a map with at least five landmarks that Bit would visit. This took some time as the students were required to do some extensive research and then to draw a picture of their state and use the pens to code what Bit should do as it traveled around the perimeter of the state. as noted earlier, they had to include at least five landmarks where Bit had to stop and "visit" and perform some action that they hadn't done before. This was really a lot of fun and the students not only learned about coding, but some new information about their state birthplace.

Overall, Bit is a wonderful tool to use for learning how to code and the price is perfect. I absolutely plan on purchasing a few more for my after school club as well as for my regular classes.
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