Kore Adjustable Wobble Chair 16.5"--21.5"

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8 years & up. Transform a normal chair into a playground for your child's mind!

Unlike regular chairs, the Adjustable Kore Wobble Chair forces your children's bodies to conform to a natural posture. The gently rounded bottom and flat seat allows one's knees, hips, and back to find a comfortable position to rest as the chair wobbles. The wobbling provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy while doing homework, drawing, eating, and more.

Chair adjusts from 15.5" - 21.5" to fit each child's height need. Great for children with ADD or ADHD. Made in the USA. Weight limit is 280 lbs. Stools come in multiple colors: Primary Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, and Black.

Something New - Adjustable Wobble Chair

5 stars
My 5th grade students like the adjustable chair because they can adjust it to their liking. Ground rules do need to be set that they cannot be adjusting multiples times throughout the day because it will distract those around them. In our classroom we have linoleum floors (no carpet) and the base of the chair is removing the wax off the floor leaving scuff marks as they sit and wobble.

Kore Adjustable Wobble chair

5 stars
Students love the wobble stools. My first graders enjoy the wobble stools because most of them at this age are really wiggly and constantly move around. The wobble stools are great release for all the stored energy.