Liquid Tile Mats

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$44.95 - $170.95
Kaplan Exclusive Kaplan Elementary

Step on and watch it move!

3 years & up. Create a colorful floor space with these bright, futuristic Liquid Tile Mats. Children and adults alike will all gaze in wonder as they step on each mat and watch the liquid move with the pressure of their feet as they walk.

It will feel just like you are surfing on colorful waves without ever having to leave the ground!

Made from super durable, leakage-proof material and filled with non-toxic, cosmic liquid. They feature a anti-slip back side and easily wipe clean. No weight limit. Mats measure 19.5" x 19.5".

Please note: mats need to be placed on an even surface and handled with care, may break if dropped. Do not adhere mats to the floor.

Available Colors include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Set of All Four Colors


5 stars
Just received the Liquid Tile Mats and want to use them with the children and see how the performance and features turn out.

5 stars
My girls and I both love them although I wish they had a lower price.

Fascination Captured

5 stars
These mats grab children and adults attention alike and make you smile as you watch the liquid squish and flow from the pressure of your weight.

Absolutely Mesmerizing!

5 stars
I teach students K-1 with moderate disabilities. I placed one of these tiles at my Promethean board to show my students where to stand. They absolutely love it! During free time, some of my students will go to the tile and play with it just to see the movement of the liquid inside. This product is very strong and durable. My students and myself jump on it, walk all over it all day, and sometimes my kids will pick it up. I have absolutely no negatives about this product. I would love to save up to purchase some more for my classroom.