Scribble Stuff Gel Pen Tower, Neon, Metallic and Classic Colors - 32 Count

Item: 145682
Status: In Stock

A colorful, classy way to display and organize your gel pens!

This Gel Pen Tower is the perfect way to make your fashion gel pens easily accessible. Simply insert the different colored pens on the front and back side of the tower. The slots are made in such a way that allows for both rows of pens to be accessible from one side.

The display will not only look awesome, it will allow you to quickly choose the exact shade of gel pen you need for precision color ink lay down.

Made from durable, non-toxic materials. Holds 32 gel pens.


  • 32 smooth-writing, comfort grip fashion gel pens: 10 neon, 10 metallic, and 12 classic, Gel Pen Tower display

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