Coding With Scratch Workbook Set - 3 Books - Paperback

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Kaplan Elementary

6 years & up. Easy, fun, and foundational!

This coding workbook set by DK Publishing is perfect for young programmers with an itch to create!

Using the free, easy-to-use coding language, Scratch, these workbooks will teach essential programming concepts. As your children enjoy learning to create animations, games, and other exciting projects by following fun, step-by-step visual examples and instructions they will gain a leg up in a world where programming is becoming a necessary, sought after skill.

Written by authors Jon Woodcock and Steve Setford. Paperback. Each book is 40 pages.

Workbook titles:

  • Coding With Scratch
  • Coding In Scratch: Games
  • Coding In Scratch: Projects

Downloadable Teacher Resources:

Teach Beginning Coding with Scratch: An Elementary Teacher's Guide

Teach Coding with Scratch: A Middle School Teacher's Guide