Emotiblocks - Interchangeable Pieces for Social and Emotional Learning

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2 - 6 years. Emotiblocks is an entertaining game to help children become familiar with their emotions. Using characters with interchangeable pieces, this enables them to create likeable characters. They can build over 100 possible combinations. Also includes activity cards where children will be given them one by one and encouraged to describe what they see on them and build a similar character. They will have lots of fun talking about the features of each-type of hair, skin color, and gestures-and knowing how to differentiate between them. Large pieces are easy for small hands to grasp.

The game is based on the following characteristics:

  • Recognition and Identification of Facial Gestures
  • Recognition and Identification of Basic Emotions
  • Learning of Values: Tolerance, Empathy, Racial Diversity
  • Acquisition of Vocabulary


  • 6 Characters (18 Pieces)
  • 6 Activity Cards
  • 1 Didactic Guide

The different teachable moments

5 stars
They should know that these blocks are amazing. They teach toddlers about body parts, differences, multicultural, emotions-realistic and characterized, like Duplo Legos and counting. I have laminated my cards so they will not rip or if someone spills something on them they are easy to wipe off.