Botley® The Coding Robot & Action Challenge Accessory Pack

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5 years & up. Introduce and grow early coding skills with Botley the Coding Robot.

Botley is one of the only coding robots that grows with your child. From basic navigational functions to advanced features that will get him through obstacle courses, direct him down pathways made from black lines, and allow him to detect objects, this little robot does it all.

After mastering the basics, kids can test out their coding skills with the Botley’s Action Challenge Accessory Set’s chain-reaction challenges. Build and solve puzzles with the set’s falling dominos, swinging hammer, rotating gate, and more!

Aligned to CSTA & ISTE Technology Standards, Botley is the first classroom-appropriate early coding robot to be STEM approved by

Requires 5 AAA batteries (not included)


  • Botley
  • 77-Piece Activity Set: 
    • Remote programmer
    • Detachable robot arms
    • 40 coding cards
    • 6 double-sided tiles
    • 27 obstacle building pieces and a starter guide with coding challenges
  • 40-Piece Action Challenge Accessory Set:
    • Hammer, gate, and ramp
    • Ball, large domino, and medium domino
    • 30 Small dominos
    • Specially designed detachable arms
    • Activity Guide with more coding challenges

Using Multiple Botleys at Once:

Botley’s remote programmer works like a TV remote, so try to keep multiple Botleys separated by at least 10 feet while programming. If you’re coding in a smaller space, you can also try these other options:

  • With a hand or paper, cover the sensor on one Botley while coding another one
  • Switch other Botleys to Line Mode when not in use
  • Keep other Botleys switched OFF while programming

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5 stars
I saw this product posted at and thought it would be great to use with my students in our Robotics/Computer Science Club. Since these are elementary students, I needed something that would be simple to program and engaging. My students love working with Botley and they each want one of their own!

Wish It was working...

4 stars
My students (kindergarten) played with them for 2 days. They LOVED the Botley robots. However, the wear and tear of one of our Botley's made so it doesn't move anymore... The other one is still working great, and students are loving setting up challenges and getting Botley to knock down blocks, drive through obstacle courses and race towards the finish line. They were really sad when one of the Botley's stopped working after one use.

Wonderful product!!

5 stars
Botley is so easy to use! My students were very excited to see their coding come to life!! Botley is durable, and can handle lots of use!I wished I would have purchased more than one!!

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