Sand Sifter Set - with Pan Sieve and Four Cans

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This Sand Sifter Set features a pan sieve and four nesting cans with two perforated bottoms to enhance sand and water play. Start exploring by pouring sand into the sifters and watch it seep through the perforated base. Use this engaging set to support sensory development along with teaching the concepts of texture, sorting, stacking, and more. Made from durable, rust-free aluminum. Included: 9" Pan Sifter and 4 Nesting Cans - 2 cans have perforated bottoms.

Not great for my sand.

3 stars
The holes are too small and they all have to be shaken rather vigorously to get any sand to come out. You cannot stack the smaller cylinders together to store them because any sand in the cups makes them stick together. I have two I still can't get apart. It may be better for someone with smaller grains of sand. I have Sandtastick Therapy Sand.