Plastic Geoboards - Set of 10

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Kaplan Elementary

Grades K - 3. Stretch the imagination and creativity through geometry! Create simple shapes and intricate designs with straight and diagonal lines using these engaging Geoboards. The durable, plastic boards feature a 5" x 5" grid with knobbed pegs that secure the colorful rubber bands in place. Learn about shapes and geometric concepts including symmetry, congruency, area, perimeter, coordinates, and spatial relationships through engaging, hands-on exploration. Geoboard measures 7.25" x 7.25". Included: 10 Geoboards with rubber bands.


5 stars
I ordered three sets of geoboards for my classroom. They are light weight and yet still sturdy. My students have used them to study symetry, horizontal, oblique, vertical, slide, rotate and I could go on. They were excited to see that we were doing math rather than filling in worksheets. Math really came alive to my studnets as I used this product.

5 stars
I love Geoboards! Geoboards provide not only geometric skills but a great addition to providing creativity and peer games as well! My students enjoy playing "copy me", one student makes a shape or design and another copies it! Another favorite activity was making spider webs on the geoboards, they all loved doing this!

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