Deluxe Mono Headphone - Fully Adjustable Headband

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These mono headphones are longstanding teacher favorites (and student-tested) for literacy and language learning activities, computer-related classes classrooms and libraries.

Safety features begin with slotted earcup baffles to protect the internal speakers against accidental perforation by sharp objects such as an unfolded paper clip or scissors. Noise-reducing earcups help hearing safety by resting around students' ears (not in them) to provide maximum protection against external noise, minimizing distractions so students won't increase the volume to hear the content. The rugged ABS plastic construction won't shatter and withstand the rigors of daily use.

  • For heavy-use situations in libraries, language labs and speech pathology applications
  • ABS plastic earcups and adjustable headband for durability
  • Around-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds


Size - 40mm diameter (1.6 inches)

Diaphragm - Mylar

Magnet - Ferrite

Impedance - 600 Ohms each side

Frequency Response - 40 H - 18 kHz

Sound Pressure Level - 93 db +/- 3 dB

Power Capacity - 20 milliwatts RMS, 150 milliwatts peak

Distortion - 5% approximately

Volume Control - Continuously variable

Cord - 6' straight replaceable cord

Plug - 1/4" Nickel plated for enhanced connection

Headband & Ear Pad - PVC (Washable)

Earcups - Noise-reducing, ABS plastic for durability

Weight - 10 oz.

My mistake

2 stars
After reading that these headphones were a teacher favorite for computer projects, I ordered them for our school computer lab. Problem is - they have a mono jack, not a stereo jack. It's very obviously stated in the title, but I didn't know what that meant until I got them. Just writing this review as a caution - this isn't the small headphone jack you can fit in a computer, iPod, telephone, etc. This is the fat plug that really only works with listening centers and you can't screw it off. Once I bought adapters they worked fine.