Christmas Tree Snack Activity

Christmas Tree Snack Activity

Celebrate the holiday season in your classroom with this special treat! Children will love creating their very own edible Christmas tree snack. The Christmas Tree Snack Activity is a festive way to teach children about health and nutrition. Have children compare the different ingredients (grapes vs. M&M's®, marshmallows vs. granola, etc.) and discuss which would be the healthier option for a snack. You can also use the activity as an opportunity to teach children about the importance of eating in moderation as part of your health and nutrition lesson plans.


  • Grapes
  • Marshmallows
  • Granola
  • Green Icing
  • Red and Green M&M's®
  • Ice Cream Cones

1Set Out the Ingredients

Give each child an ice cream cone, and set out the grapes, marshmallows, granola, green icing, and M&M's® in small bowls. Depending on your licensing regulations, you may need to divide the ingredients into individual bowls for each child so that he or she has their own set of food to make their Christmas Tree Snack.

2 Paint the "Trees"

Have children cover their ice cream cones with green icing to make them look like trees. If you want to use something other than icing, add green food coloring to cream cheese or marshmallow fluff as an alternative.

3 Decorate and Enjoy!

Encourage children to use the grapes, marshmallows, granola, and M&M's® to decorate their edible Christmas trees. The marshmallows make a great tree topper! Once children have finished decorating, they can have fun deconstructing their trees for a yummy snack.

Include the Christmas Tree Snack Activity in your classroom to provide a creative and yummy way to learn about health and nutrition while also celebrating the holidays with your students. Be sure to browse our list of health and nutrition products, resources, and related professional development for more inspiration.

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