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Kaplan is proud to extend its long-standing tradition of supporting you – Georgia's early childhood professionals and caregivers – with this website, which is designed to help you create quality learning environments for young children. With the click of a button, you will find the information and resources you need to design and operate a high quality pre-kindergarten program for young children and their families in your area.

Participation in Georgia's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program insures that children are ready for a great kindergarten year and lays the foundation for future academic success. We look forward to playing a role in that success story!

To learn more about state standards and guidelines for Georgia early childhood classrooms and facilities, visit the Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning website.

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State-Approved Curriculum

  • Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum Pre-K Theme Series
    Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum Pre-K Theme Series
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    The Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum is designed to provide a blend between a developmental and a didactic approach to working with young children. This theme series will provide teachers with lesson ideas that will allow opportunities to offer direct information while allowing children to experiment and explore materials in order to create their own knowledge.The Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum theme series is written to offer support to educators and parents who wish to maintain a balance between supporting their child's acquisition of skills and knowledge that will prepare him/her for later school success and the joys and delights of experiencing a playful childhood.
    For additional information, visit the Beyond Centers and Circle Time website.
    View a sample lesson from the Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum
  • Learn Every Day™ : The Preschool Curriculum
    Learn Every Day™ : The Preschool Curriculum
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    With the classic bestseller A Planning Guide to the Preschool Curriculum at its foundation, Learn Every Day™ : The Preschool Curriculum can be implemented in any preschool classroom. Based on the latest research about how children learn best, each of the 36 thematic units contain ESL tips, special needs adaptations, and suggestions for extending learning. The curriculum includes a music CD with 18 songs. Meets state guidelines for quality preschool education.
    View sample lessons from Learn Every Day™: The Preschool Curriculum.

Transportation Training

  • Transportation Training for Georgia
    Transportation Training for Georgia
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    Participants will become familiar with how to safely transport young children in the State of Georgia. Topics include: vehicle safety, child passenger safety, required documentation, emergency readiness, and how to check the vehicle to ensure that no child is left behind. This is a 3-hour course; it is worth .3 CEUs. This course meets the new Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) training requirements for providers and teachers in GEORGIA only. This course can be utilized to meet the training requirements to earn or renew your Child Development Associate® (CDA) credential if you are a Georgia resident. Course content is aligned with the CDA® Subject Area 1: Planning a safe and healthy learning environment. Topic: Transportation Safety in GEORGIA. Age: Birth - age 5.



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