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Social-Emotional Resources from Conscious Discipline

Feeling Buddies® Self-Regulation Toolkit

4 - 7 years. Your #1 curriculum for school success, Pre-K to 2nd grade! The year-long bilingual Feeling Buddies Curriculum trains teachers while developing emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and life-readiness skills in children.

The Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Toolkit helps children learn independent self-regulatory strategies and language that will become their inner speech for self-control, emotional well-being, empathy, and healing for the rest of their lives. It incorporates literacy, music, and movement.

This comprehensive Toolkit includes:

  • Two sets of 8 Feeling Buddies
  • Listen to Your Feelings music CD
  • Large soft pocket board to house the Buddies
  • Reproducibles (English and Spanish)
  • The bilingual Feeling Buddies Curriculum
  • Templates
  • The award winning Managing Emotional Mayhem book
  • DVD with 2+ hours of instructional content
  • Shubert is a S.T.A.R. book
  • Feeling Buddies® stickers
  • Shubert es una E.S.T.R.E.L.L.A. book
  • What Bugs Me sheet
  • Shubert's BIG Voice book
  • I Am Upset smock
  • Shubert usa su GRAN voz book
  • Safe Place Poster Set
  • Shubert Sees the Best book
  • My Five Steps pocket chart
  • Shubert y su nuevo amigo book
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Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Kit

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Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Room

The Shubert Series

The Shubert Book Series

All Ages. The Shubert series is a unique set of books designed to build character through conflict for both children and adults. Shubert demonstrates using the seven skills of Conscious Discipline® to solve problems. His mom and his teacher, Mrs. Bookbinder, model Conscious Discipline strategies for adults.

Shubert Puppet

Ages 3+. The Shubert Puppet facilitates teaching the lessons in the Shubert books and brings the Shubert character to life. Shubert has an articulated mouth designed with both adult and child-sized hands in mind, moveable arms, a signature S t-shirt, and bendable antennae. 17" tall, hand wash only.

Shubert Books in Español

All Ages. Now you can enjoy the Shubert stories you love in Spanish! These first four books provide a helpful foundation for the skills of assertiveness, composure, empathy and encouragement.


Baby Doll Circle Time

Baby Doll Circle Time


Watch: Baby Doll Circle Time

Lots to Love Babies

2 years & up. Pleasantly plump collection of baby-powder scented baby dolls with moveable arms, legs, and heads that turn. Babies are 10" tall. Each have unique expressions and assorted eye color and pull-on diaper. Total of 8 dolls recommended.

I Love You Ritual Bibs


Conscious Discipline & the e-DECA Assessment and Planning System

Conscious Discipline now offers a way to assess children's social-emotional health and resilience through e-DECA. Monitor progress in your classrooms while using Conscious Discipline's customized strategies to promote resilience in preschoolers. The e-DECA is a web-based system that:

Other Options

The Conscious Discipline eDECA Single Rating option allows a program to complete a DECA assessment and access scores, reports, and strategies for each unique assessment conducted on a child. The e-DECA annual license fee must also be purchased along with the Conscious Discipline eDECA Single Rating options.

The Conscious Discipline eDECA By Child option allows a program to complete unlimited DECA assessments on a child while also accessing scores, reports, and strategies for each unique assessment conducted on a child. The e-DECA annual license fee must also be purchased along with the Conscious Discipline eDECA By Child option.

About Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social-emotional and classroom management program that uses everyday life events to teach children and adults self-control, conflict resolution, character development and social skills.

Conscious Discipline is a longtime leader in integrating classroom management and social-emotional learning. It utilizes everyday events rather than an external curriculum, and addresses the adult's emotional intelligence as well as the child's. Learn to respond to daily conflict in a way that transforms it into an opportunity to teach critical life skills, and watch every aspect of your classroom life improve!

About the Author

Becky Bailey

Becky Bailey

Becky A. Bailey, Ph.D., is an award-winning author, renowned teacher and internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology. Her workshops touch thousands of lives each year, and her top selling book titles have over 400,000 copies in circulation.

Dr. Bailey is the founder of Loving Guidance, Inc., a company dedicated to creating positive environments for children, families, schools and businesses. She is also the developer of the Conscious Discipline program.

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