Looking for a memorable Valentine's Day craft the children in your care can make for their loved ones? Our DIY Valentine's Day Canvas Art for Kids is an easy-to-make craft with great results! These DIY heart canvases make perfect Valentine's Day gifts and help children develop their fine motor skills. 


What to Do:

  1. Download Our Free Printable – There are four different valentine hearts and sayings to choose from! 
  2. Print and Cut Out a Valentine Heart for Each Child – Leave a small white border around the heart. 
  3. Cut Out Foam Hearts – The hearts should be slightly larger than the paper hearts. 
  4. Prep the Canvas Board – Using double-sided tape, tape the foam heart in the middle of the canvas board. 
  5. Paint! – Choose pompoms in a variety of sizes and use tweezers to dip them in red, pink, and purple paint. Dab the pompoms around the canvas board to create the background. Don't be afraid to get a little paint on the foam heart. 
  6. Let Dry – Remove the foam heart and double-sided tape and let the paint on the canvas board dry. 
  7. Assemble the Heart – Using the glue stick, add glue to the back of the paper heart and stick it on the side of the foam heart with the least paint. After you've assembled the heart, use washable school glue to glue the foam heart onto the board. 
  8. Display Children's Canvas Art – Display the Valentine's Day Canvas Art until Valentine's Day, and then let children take the artwork home as a Valentine's Day gift for their loved ones. 

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