Classroom furniture affects classroom design and the overall learning experience children have in the classroom, so the furniture pieces you pick for preschool classrooms should inspire learning and fun as much as possible. If you need ideas for furnishing your preschool classroom or are looking for ways to change up your classroom setup, check out this list of our five favorite furniture pieces.

1. Premium Solid Maple Dress-Up Center with 4 Baskets

This dress-up center is a must-have for dramatic play centers. The three-pronged hooks and five shelves are perfect for storing dress-up clothes, hats, and other dramatic play items. Plus, the storage space underneath the hanging rack is great for storing shoes and accessories.

Why We Love It: This piece will become the hub of your dramatic play center. We love all of the storage options and the acrylic mirror on the end that allows children to see themselves all dressed up!

2. Premium Solid Maple Hanging Audio Center

Tired of storing music CDs and headphones in baskets or in a cabinet where everything gets all jumbled up? This audio center features a shelf for storing CDs, a shelf for storing a small stereo system, and a wooden rod that stores headphone sets.

Why We Love It: The Premium Solid Maple Hanging Audio Center is the perfect way to keep CDs organized and headphone cords untangled. By choosing wall-mounted unit, you can also save space. It’s a great foundational piece for a music and movement activity center.

3. Book Bench

Instead of going with a traditional bookcase in your classroom, try this five-compartment Book Bench! This bench would make a great addition to your literacy center or classroom reading area, and children will love using it as a comfortable spot to read. Be sure to also purchase a seat cushion for your bench.

Why We Love It: The five storage compartments store plenty of books and keep them in easy reach of children. Try using themes to keep the bench organized. If each compartment has a theme, it will also be easier for children to remember where they need to return a certain book. This also allows you to switch out themes and keep children interested throughout the year.

4. Premium Solid Maple Kitchen Set with Linking System

This modern kitchen set features a microwave and cupboard, sink, range, and refrigerator. It also includes three linking systems to connect all four units, enhance stability, and eliminate potential pinch points.

Why We Love It: Children will love pretending to be the chef at a restaurant and preparing a meal for their friends with this kitchen set. The linking systems that come with the set will help protect children’s little fingers and make the units more cohesive and attractive in the classroom.

5. K’Motion Stool

Bring unique seating options into your classroom! The K’Motion Stool helps children to focus on learning by allowing them to discretely move while sitting. With a variety of colors and sizes available, the K’Motion Stool is a must-have for children and adults.

Why We Love It: The K’Motion Stool is lightweight and durable, which makes it easy to move around the classroom. Its design can help children who struggle to sit still focus on their lessons, and the variety of colors can also add a fun element to your learning environment.  

Want additional tips on planning your classroom layout? Visit the Classroom Setup category of our Insights and Inspirations section for a variety of tips and resources on choosing furniture, designing learning centers, and much more. The MyKaplan Classroom Floorplanner is a free online classroom design tool that can also help you with your classroom layout.