Labor Day may be the unofficial end of summer, but there’s still some time left on the calendar before fall officially begins. You can use this time to celebrate the end of summer with your students by throwing an end-of-summer bash! It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the warm weather, sunny days, clear blue skies, and everything else you and your students love about summer. Here are some tips for planning an awesome end-of-summer bash for your class!

1. Decide on the specifics of the end-of-summer bash.

Is your end-of-summer bash going to be a one-day celebration filled with activities, or would you rather make it a weeklong celebration and do a special activity each day?

2. Ask children’s parents to send in a towel for their child to sit on outside.

If you’re planning on going outside for your end-of-summer bash, be sure to ask children’s parents to send in a towel for their child to sit on outside. Having a towel to sit on will be much more comfortable for students, and everyone can take the opportunity to pretend they’re at the beach.

3. Come up with some fun end-of-summer activities for children to do.

Here are just a few ideas you can incorporate into your end-of-summer bash:

  • Reading – Take a classic children’s book outside and read it to children, or have children choose their favorite book and do some “beach reading” on their own.  
  • Parachute Play – Take a parachute outside and play fun games!  
  • Obstacle Course – Create an obstacle course with Gonge Riverstones, Step-A-Logs, and/or the Balance Builder Activity Set. You can also utilize your own materials to create an obstacle course children will love.    
  • Shadow Tracing – Take a pack of chalk outside and have children trace each other’s shadows.

Read “Splish, Splash! 6 Fun Summer Sensory Play Ideas” for some other great activity ideas.

4. Enjoy a summertime snack with students.

Popular summertime fruits, such as watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries, will soon be out of season, so make sure you include a seasonal snack as part of your celebration. You could also bring in popsicles or small cups of ice cream for children to enjoy.

5. Say goodbye to summer.

Your end-of-summer bash is a great time to reminisce about summer and officially say goodbye to the summer months. Start by asking children what they will miss the most about summer. You can also ask what their favorite memory is from this summer and what they're looking forward to in the fall months.

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