Are you looking for a fun back-to-school activity to do with your students? Based on an activity included in Art with Anything, our Puzzle People Craft is perfect for the first few days of school! Making puzzle piece replicas of themselves can help children get to know one another. The activity also helps you repurpose any old or displaced puzzle pieces you have in your classroom. Large jigsaw puzzle pieces work best for this activity, but you can use smaller puzzle pieces if needed. Here's everything you need to get started:


What to Do:

  1. Start by tracing old or displaced puzzle pieces onto construction paper. Children can choose different colors if they wish, but it’s easier to draw and color on white construction paper.
  2. Cut out clothes or draw your own. From dresses and skirts to shirts, shorts, and pants, children can create a variety of clothes for their puzzle people.
  3. Accessorize! Encourage children to use buttons or draw different patterns on the clothes they create. Have children use different materials (yarn, pipe cleaners, construction paper, etc.) to make hair, and remind them that they can also draw sandals or shoes onto their puzzle people.
  4. Color in with markers and colored pencils. Children can use multicultural markers and colored pencils to create different skin tones and facial features.
  5. Glue construction paper onto the back of the puzzle piece and let dry!

Once the puzzle pieces have had a chance to dry, ask children to describe how they created the puzzle piece versions of themselves. Did they make a small version of their favorite outfit for their puzzle person? Did they choose their favorite colors? This would be a great craft to keep and give parents during parent-teacher conferences or on a family event night. You may even want to choose something puzzle related for your back-to-school theme.

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