How do you use dominoes in the classroom?

We asked, and got some great answers on Facebook as part of our mathSHAPES Domino Contest. With dominoes being such a versatile teaching tool in the classroom, there are a variety of ways you can use them to teach counting, addition, subtraction, fractions, and much more. Below are five of our favorite responses from the contest. Be sure to click on the Facebook graphic to the right to see all of the great teaching strategies contest participants provided in their responses. Our Using Dominoes in the Classroom Pinterest board is also a great resource for finding domino activities you can do with your students.

Response #1:

"We use them for many things, but the kids love to play "War" with them when we learn about greater than/less than/equal to. The kids flip over a domino and whoever has the greater number takes both dominos. We also use them to build counting skills through 1:1 matching, counting on (start with the number on the top of one domino and count on the number on the bottom of the domino), addition, subtraction, etc."

-Julie Weaver

Response #2:

"I teach preschoolers and we use them in a variety of ways. We have alphabet dominoes that we use to work on letter recognition. We have character dominoes that we use to work on finding like items and we have a set of regular dominoes that we use to work on counting and adding (when a child picks where they want to place the next domino, we then add the dots on the domino the placed and then one next to it). Playing dominoes also helps them work on social emotional skills like waiting for a turn and being focused and patient and help them work on critical thinking skills when they have to plan out which domino will go down next and where it could be placed."

-Tracy Ehlert

Response #3:

"We had the children in my PreK class pick a domino and then make a snack that looked just like it. They had to follow the recipe and then count the dots on their domino and make an edible match of it."

-Tracey Neumarke

Response #4:

"Love dominos!!! We use them for number recogniton, addition & subtraction (fact families, doubles, doubles +1), fractions. They are an easy resource tool to use for differentiation to differentiated independent and small group activities and lessons to teach new concepts and for followup practice. They can be placed in centers for exploration and easily created on an interactive white board."

-Mandy Ingram

Response #5:

"We use dominoes in my preschool classroom for many different activities. We use them for greater/less than activies, adding, matching, we use them to measure objects, we use them on the scale- heavier/lighter, and we also use them to build with making a dominoe affect and rolling a dice and stacking them!! The children love dominoes and so do I!!!"

-Shannon Hindman

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