Pumpkins are a great decoration for fall, especially in the classroom. Often harvested in the early fall, pumpkins serve as a food and decorative staple throughout the colder months. Other great additions to your fall display include gourds, multi-colored corn, haystacks, and mums.

There are many ways you can decorate pumpkins for your fall-themed classroom displays. One of the easiest ways to decorate your pumpkin is to paint it! The paint will help the pumpkin last longer, and painting is much safer than carving a pumpkin with young children since you don’t need to use sharp objects.

Here are some helpful steps and tips for painting pumpkins with your students and making your fall classroom display:

  1. Organize Your Space
    Choose a space that is open and clean. Put down your Kaplan Splash Mat to make clean up easy. Lay out your paint supplies and put on your Kaplan Art Apron. Make sure your students put their aprons on as well. You should also choose a place to store your pumpkins while they dry.
  2. Plan Your Pumpkin
    Before starting your project, let your class choose the supplies they need for decorating their pumpkins. Once students pick their supplies, they can return to their art station.

  3. Paint Your Pumpkin
    Students use supplies to paint and decorate pumpkins. Add variety by offering different sizes and colors of pumpkins. Once the activity is finished, leave your pumpkins to dry overnight.

  4. Create Your Fall Display
    Display your pumpkins on a haystack or with an arrangement of Mums. Use other fall-themed items to add to your display. Choose a location where parents will see the display and children can point to their pumpkin to show their parents.

Here are just a few Kaplan products that can help you and your students paint and decorate pumpkins this fall:


For additional arts and crafts activities, try The Budding Artist (also available as an eBook). Perfect for ages three to six, this fun-filled introduction to arts and crafts features easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find materials that will help you and your students have as much fun creating art as viewing the finished product!