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11 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes in the Classroom

Create Date December 9, 2015 07:45 by author april
During this time of the year, you likely have a number of boxes in various sizes lying around your house or classroom. Instead of throwing them away, come up with creative ways they can be reused in the classroom. For example, children can easily turn a simple box into a spaceship, tunnel, boat, stove, or other item they can play with or use. [More]

Valuing Community: Teaching Students to be Good Neighbors

Create Date September 26, 2014 04:53 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Teaching students to value service and community from a young age is an important part of early education; however, it can sometimes be hard to find opportunities for little hands to get involved. In honor of Good Neighbor’s Day on Sunday (September 28th), we thought we would share five easy ways for students to practice being good neighbors: [More]

4 Ideas for Earth-Friendly Play

Create Date June 17, 2014 21:51 by author Kaplan Early Learning
It’s finally summer! With the warm weather and raised spirits, it’s a great time to take learning outside. Teach children the importance of sustainability as they explore the limitless beauty and value of the outdoors using these four fun activity ideas. [More]

5 Things You Didn’t Think to Plant in an EarthBox® (And Why You Probably Should!)

Create Date April 22, 2014 07:41 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Happy Earth Day! Introduce the wonder of growing things, the responsibility of caring for crops, and the thrill of observing the different parts of plants with the help of an EarthBox®! So, what exactly can you plant in an EarthBox®? Depending on the climate of your outdoor classroom, you may have more options than you realize. Here are just a few ideas: [More]

Celebrate Earth Day with Your Students

Create Date April 21, 2014 05:25 by author Kaplan Early Learning
There are plenty of activities you can involve your elementary students in for earth day, but the majority of things we can do to make the Earth a little greener are simple changes to our day to day schedule. Here are a few actions you can take and encourage your students to take to celebrate Earth Day, and hopefully, make those small actions a part of a lifelong routine. [More]

St. Patrick's Day: Going Green in the Classroom

Create Date March 17, 2014 08:13 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! While everyone is talking about shamrocks, pots of gold and little green men, we thought we would take the opportunity to talk about an even more important opportunity the holiday presents: the opportunity to go green! [More]
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