Fourth of July Craft: Making Fireworks of Art

Create Date June 29, 2012 05:56 by author Kaplan Early Learning
  With this spangled craft, you don't have to wait until dark to see July 4th fireworks! Materials: Newspaper Black construction paper Neon or glow-in-the-dark poster paints (3 or more colors) Drinking straws Glitter glue What to Do: 1. Cover the work surface with newspaper or plastic. 2. Test the paint in advance by gently blowing through a straw to see if it flows easily across the paper. 3. Add water to the paint, if necessary, to attain the right consistency. 4. Place a few drops ... [More]

7 Creative Ways to Repurpose Cribs

Create Date June 21, 2012 06:37 by author Kaplan Early Learning
  With the recent passing of stringent new crib regulations, you may be asking yourself, What can I do with the cribs in my home or child care center? Rather than sending them to the local landfill, check out these cool ideas (taken from our Pinterest page) for repurposing cribs! 1. Transform your crib into a cool desk or craft space for your child or classroom! (Source: I Know the Plans I Have for You) 2. Got a green thumb? Turn crib sides into a trellis for your garden or outdoor classro... [More]

7 Surprising Ways to Use Bilingual Materials in Your Classroom

Create Date June 15, 2012 09:39 by author Kaplan Early Learning
  Adding bilingual materials to your classroom is a great way to support children who are dual language learners and to introduce new languages to all the children.  Using those materials effectively takes some intentionality and planning.  Here are some surprising ideas to enhance the value of bilingual toys, books and displays. Use bilingual materials like books and puzzles as classroom décor.  Hang them on the walls or prop them prominently on shelves.  This ... [More]

Made-It-Myself Gifts from Kids this Father's Day

Create Date June 8, 2012 06:44 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Looking for a simple gift kids can create for Dad this Father's Day? With 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make, children ages three to eight will have dozens of unique gift ideas at their fingertips. From the card to the wrapping paper, and everything in between, kids and adults alike will experience the joy of giving and receiving unique child-made gifts. Made-It-Myself Mouse Pad Materials White or light-colored craft foam, cut into approximately 8" x 9" pieces Nontoxic permanent colored markers C... [More]
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