Kaplan Education Solutions - Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas

Sam Schissler

Sam Schissler

Kaplan Territory Manager
Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas
Years In Industry:
B.A., Economics
University of Missouri at Kansas City


Toll Free:
1-800-334-2014 ext. 5228
(336) 293-1169

With over 35 years of experience in the educational sales industry, Sam has extensive experience in assisting early childhood educators with providing high-quality programs and services. Sam lives in Leawood, Kansas, where he enjoys spending time with his wife of 32 years, helping his three sons with their projects for Boy Scouts, and watching his daughter play soccer. Sam earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Sam covers Kaplan sales for Missouri, including Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, and St. Joseph. He also serves customers in Kansas in cities such as Wichita and Topeka. Sam's territory also extends across Nebraska, including Lincoln and Omaha. Frequently working alongside numerous organizations in all three states, Sam serves on the Board of Directors for AEYC-MO; KAEYC; Mid-America AEYC; and Kansas Child Care and Training Opportunities (KCCTO), an agency of Kansas State University.

Whether you're looking for tools to help with social and emotional development or resources to promote kindergarten readiness, Sam can provide you with the developmentally appropriate products, research-based resources, and value-added services you need to meet state requirements and other standards in the classroom. Sam always welcomes both potential and current customers to reach out to him with questions or for more information about special pricing, products, and services.

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