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Kaplan Interactive Display (KID-2)

New Product
Kaplan Exclusive

Children can work cooperatively with our KID-2 with 10 touch Display Solution!

Available in 60" or 70" screen sizes the KID-2 is the key to unlocking endless learning possibilities! Stream-lined, durable, and mobile; the KID-2 is ready for use in any classroom. The ten-touch display is capable of engaging multiple children in cooperative learning explorations that will spark productive conversation between the students as well as their teacher.

From circle time activities to group exploration, there is power in play. The KID-2 adheres to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) recommendations for the use of technology by young children. Our exclusive Shine-2 software was designed to give young children intentional and effective tools that support their learning and development. The included Pen software from Sharp will empower the teacher to design dynamic lesson plans and customized activities.

What's Included

The Hardware

The Software

Setup & Support

Your new Kaplan Interactive Display includes FREE shipping, installation and complete access to our Kaplan training library. Once you've completed your purchase, our educational technology team will contact you to determine the best time for installation. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with your new technology, and ready to use it in your classroom and building!

The Explorations

The Inspire-2 wouldn't be complete without our exclusive software. We call this exclusive software "Explorations" because these activities are based around exploration highlighting the natural curiosity and creativity of children rather than the linear play typical to early childhood software. Each activity was designed with Head Start Objectives and Kindergarten Common Core standards in mind to ensure that children are appropriately engaged and learning in the classroom.*

About The 10 Explorations:

* Kaplan's exclusive software is not specifically authorized, approved, or endorsed by Head Start or Common Core regulatory bodies.

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