Mastering Science Skills Class Packs

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Mastering Science Skills Class Packs
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  • This class-pack set of curriculum mastery games includes enough materials for 36 students. Comprehensive coverage of Science concepts like Living & Non-Living Things, Animal Groups, Life Cycles, Weather, Force & Motion, Magnets and more! Includes 25 sets of 30 standards-based review cards, 12 game boards, classroom presentation CD with interactive review questions and a free introductory online subscription to access interactive activities and assessments.

  • Classroom Center Packs

    • Enough material for 36 students to play simultaneously
    • Each subject and grade level set focuses on 25 key curriculum topics, with 30 standards-based review cards for each topic - that's 750 individual questions per subject, per grade level
    • Includes 12 laminated, double sided game boards and game pieces
    • Teacher's Guide gives tips on setting up game centers, identifies Curriculum Standards correlations, offers ideas for game extensions and assessment options, and includes a master copy of student score sheets
    • Classroom presentation CD contains all 750 Question cards for projection in large classroom settings
    • Receive a free 90-day trial web subscription with each game pack
  • General Science Curriculum Mastery Games

    Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics:

    Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
    (#25486) (#25487) (#25488) (#25489) (#25490) (#25491)
    Living & Nonliving Things
    What is Science?
    Main Parts of Plants
    Cells - The Building Blocks of Living things
    Cells, Tissues & Organs
    Introduction to Earth Science
    All About Plants
    Plants How Do Plants Grow?
    Plant Structure & Function
    The 6-Kingdoms of Life
    Maps as Models of the Earth / Contour Models
    All About Animals
    Animals Grouping of Plants
    Plant Growth & Reproduction
    Roots, Stems & Leaves
    Animal Groups
    Land Habitats
    Animals Introduction to Animals
    Plant Responses & Adaptations
    Earth's Energy Resources
    Where Do Animals Live?
    Water Habitats
    Grouping of Animals Invertebrates - Animals without Backbones
    Plants With & Without Seeds
    Earth's Fresh Water
    Life Cycles

    How Do Living Things Grow & Change?

    How Animals Grow & Change
    Vertebrates - Animals with Backbones
    Flowers & Seeds
    Groundwater Resources
    Food Chains
    How Do Plants & Animals Live Together?
    Where Plants & Animals Live
    Animal Growth & Reproduction
    Animal Diversity & Adaptations
    Earth's  Atmosphere
    My Senses
    Birds & Mammals
    Relationships Among Living Things
    Organ Systems
    Energy & Ecosystems
    Our Solar System
    Human Body
    Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish
    Water Classifying Organisms
    Interactions Among Living Things
    Studying & Exploring Space
    Energy Needs
    Weather Fossils & Extinct Animals
    Cycles of Life & Biomes
    Diversity of Life
    The Seasons
    Earth's Weather
    Rocks, Minerals   & Soil
    Ecosystems & Changes in Ecosystems
    Landforms, Rocks & Soil
    Cells: The Basic Units of Life
    The Sky
    The Sun & Earth
    Changes on Earth
    Food Webs / Food Chains
    Minerals of Earth's Crust
    Genetics: Study of Heredity
    Earth's Resources
    Moon, Stars & Planets
    Natural Resources
    Rocks & Minerals

    Earth's Freshwater & Atmosphere

    Plant Processes
    Land, Water & Air
    Life on Earth
    Matter & Its Properties
    Earth - Inside & Out
    Earth's Oceans
    Plant Reproduction
    Taking Care of Earth
    Rocks, Soil & Water
    Changes in Matter
    Earth's Waters
    Energy Resources

    Introduction to Animals

    Describe & Measure Matter
    Fossils & Dinosaurs
    Forces & Motion
    Our Solar System & Beyond
    The Solar System
    Sponges, Cnidarians & Worms
    All About Heat & Energy
    Saving Natural Resources
    Work & Machines
    Weather & Climate
    Weather, Weather Patterns & Climate
    Mollusks, Arthropods & Echinoderms
    Force & Motion
    Forces & Machines
    Energy Matter Properties of Matter & Energy
    Fishes, Amphibians & Reptiles
    Light & Sound
    Matter All Around
    Sound Force, Motion & Energy
    Elements, Mixtures & Compounds
    Birds & Mammals
    Electricity Sound & Light
    Earth in Space
    Electricity & Magnetism
    Solids, Liquids & Gases
    Ecosystems, Food Chains & Food Webs
    Magnets Magnets
    The Solar System
    Light & Sound
    Chemical & Physical Changes of Matter
    Introduction to Matter
    Science in Our World
    Science & Technology in Our World
    Science in Our World
    Science in Our World
    Acids & Bases
    Solids, Liquids & Gases
    Hands-On Lab Skills / Science Inquiry
    Hands-On Lab Skills
    Hands-On Lab Skills / Science Inquiry
    Hands-On Lab Skills / Science Inquiry
    Newton's Laws of Motion
    Math in Science - 1st Grade Level
    Math in Science - 2nd Grade Level
    Math in Science - 3rd Grade Level
    Math in Science
    Sound & Light Energy
    Did You Know?
    Did You Know?
    Did You Know?
    Did You Know?
    The Nature of Science