DESSA Mini Kit

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DESSA Mini Kit
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  • Kaplan Foundation 2012 Innovator Award Recipient
    Kaplan Exclusive

    Grades K-8. The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment Mini (DESSA-mini) is a series of four, equivalent, 8-item behavior rating scales accompanied by an innovative Ongoing Progress Monitoring Form. The DESSA-mini can be used to screen for and monitor progress in the acquisition of social-emotional competencies. The DESSA-mini can be completed by teachers and after school staff.

    The DESSA-mini Kit includes a the DESSA-mini manual, 25 copies of each of the four DESSA-mini forms(Form One, Form Two, Form Three, Form Four), 25 copies of the Ongoing Progress Monitoring Form, and a nylon carrying case.

    The DESSA-mini is part of a comprehensive system that supports universal screening, assessment, intervention planning, progress monitoring, and outcome evaluation in the social-emotional domain. It has been designed to help schools meet emerging social-emotional learning standards.

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