Kaplan Convertible Classmate PC

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Kaplan Convertible Classmate PC
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  • Kaplan Exclusive

    Built for the educational environment, the Kaplan Convertible Classmate PC is designed to withstand the rigors of your students while providing a rich and powerful learning experience. The Kaplan Convertible Classmate PC:
    • Features a rotating swivel touch screen display, pen shaped stylus, and ruggedized design for durability.
    • Powerful design benefits - retractable carrying handle, easy to hold rubberized surface, and reinforced corners for added protection.
    • Best of class - features Atom™ N450 processor with increased battery life, resistive 10” resistive touch screen, Bluetooth, and Wifi capability.
    • 3 year warranty.
    • Built-In eReader – Easy to control page up/down buttons with optimized eReader software and high resolution display.
    • Webcam – 1.3 megapixel video camera that swivels independent of the screen.
    • Pre-loaded educational software
    • Includes Shine®, Kaplan’s exclusive set of activities designed to develop and strengthen Early Math Skills

    Age-Appropriate Software

    Each Kaplan Convertible Classmate PC comes pre-loaded with age-appropriate software.

    • Millie's Math House: Millie's Math House lays the groundwork for a solid understanding of fundamental math concepts and thinking skills through activities that feel like play. Easy-to-use tools enable customized lessons, progress tracking and assessment.
    • Bailey's Book House: Bailey’s Book House builds the foundation for a lifelong love of reading through the exploration of letters, words, rhyming and sentence building in nine playful activities. Easy-to-use tools enable customized lessons, progress tracking and assessment.
    • Sammy's Science House: Sammy’s Science House teaches budding scientists how to observe, analyze and test theories. Easy-to-use tools enable customized lessons, progress tracking and assessment.
    • Thinkin Things 1: Thinkin' Things 1 is a powerful set of tools and toys to help children strengthen observation, enhance memory, improve problem solving and encourage creativity.
    • Art Rage 2: Art program that combines realistic art tools and powerful graphic handling capability, to inspire creativity and empower learning throughout your curriculum.

    Due to rapid advancements in technology, hardware, software, technical specifications and colors may vary.