Need a bulletin board idea for the holidays? This festive and colorful DIY Kindness Board will light up your classroom and help children learn about kindness as they write and draw about kind acts they've done. The DIY Kindness Board is the perfect bulletin board for the holidays as it reminds children that the holidays are not just about getting presents. They're about being kind to one another and giving what you can to help others—even if it's just a smile, hug, or other small act of kindness. 


What to Do:

  1. During a free period or after school, cover your bulletin board with black paper. Take square chalk and write “Light Up the World with Acts of Kindness” in the middle of the black paper. Spray the chalk words with hair spray and let dry.
  2. Staple the garland around the edges of the bulletin board to create a border and string for the lights.
  3. Print out our free lights template on a variety of colored 8 ½” x 11” printer paper. Cut the lights out and give one to each child.
  4. Explain that you want each child to draw and/or write about something kind they’ve done for someone or something kind they want to do for someone. It could be anything from helping someone pick up their crayons to helping their mom or dad fold clothes. Once they’ve decided what they want to put on the light, have them write a sentence explaining what they did and/or draw a picture to represent it. You can write the sentence for them if they can’t write yet.
  5. Place the children’s lights around the edges of the bulletin board. Remember to make it look like the lights are strung with the garland. Take a picture and send to parents to show off your class’ Kindness Board!

Be sure to share your DIY Kindness Board with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages! We hope you and your students have a wonderful holiday season.