The fall season is officially upon us. Celebrate this colorful season with your students by creating fall tree paintings with bubble wrap! Watch the video and read the instructions below for more information about this fall craft for kids.


What to Do:

  1. Give each child a piece of white paper. Tape down the corners of the paper on a table, so the paper won’t move as children are painting.
  2. Put brown tempera paint on a paper plate for each child. Ask children to take a paint brush and use the brown paint to make the trunk and limbs of a tree. Let the paint dry.
  3. Put orange, red, yellow, and green paint on a paper plate for each child.
  4. Give each child a couple small pieces of bubble wrap. Make sure you tell them not to pop any of the bubbles until the activity is done.
  5. Have children bunch up a piece of bubble wrap to use as a paint brush. You may want to use rubber bands to help the brushes hold their shape.
  6. Have children dip the bubble wrap into the paint and add leaves to the tree in their painting. They can choose to use all four colors or just choose one or two.
  7. Ask children to write their name at the bottom of their painting. Let the paint dry.
  8. Display children’s fall trees on a classroom bulletin board.

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