The new school year is almost here (or may have already begun for some of you). Start off the year on a positive note with these 10 inspirational tips from Never, Ever, Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days. Best wishes for a wonderful school year! 

1. Creativity happens all day, not just during music and art classes.

Encourage children to be creative in everything they do. So often, children’s creativity begins to diminish as they get older, which ultimately affects their ability to problem solve and think outside of the box. Make it a priority to encourage and praise children’s creativity this year.

2. Music brings the class together, quiets the room, and steadies a teacher’s nerves.

Music can be a powerful tool in the classroom. From quieting the room and bringing the class together to helping children learn math and literacy concepts and work on their social development, music can benefit both teachers and students. Read “Using Music and Movement Activities to Help Children Learn and Grow” for more information about the importance of incorporating music and movement activities into your classroom.

3. Make silly faces. Tell corny jokes. Waddle like a duck. Squawk like a hen. Remember where the fun begins.

If you have fun in the classroom, children will too. Don’t be afraid to show your inner child at times, especially if it can help you better relate to the children in your care.  

4. Look up to parents by seeing them through the eyes of their child.

You’re probably going to get frustrated with challenging family members at some point during the school year. However, it’s important to remember that your perception of a child’s parent or family member isn’t likely how the child perceives them. The parent that misses a parent-teacher conference or likes to tell you how to do your job can also be the parent that reads their child bedtime stories every night and takes their child to the park.   

5. Keep a five-to-one ratio in conferences with parents. Say five wonderful statements about their child for every one concern you express.

While you may have a couple concerns you want to discuss with a child’s parent(s), it’s important to emphasize what the child is doing well. Parents will be much more open to discussing any concerns you have if they know you also see the good things their child does.

6. Ask parents to donate a book to the classroom library to celebrate their child’s birthday.

Trying to decide on how you want to celebrate students’ birthdays this school year? Instead of a party, consider asking parents to donate a book that everyone can enjoy to celebrate their child’s birthday. Read “Celebrating Birthdays in the Classroom” for additional birthday celebration ideas!

7. Accidents happen.

Accidents are going to happen. The best thing you can do is stay calm and handle whatever happens in an appropriate way.

8. Learn to massage your feet. Wait until after school to practice.

After a full day of teaching, your feet are going to be tired. Look up different pressure points you can massage on your feet and give yourself a foot massage (or treat yourself with a trip to the spa every now and then).

9. Roses require sunlight. So do children.

No one wants to stay inside all day, especially children. Try to take a class walk around the school each day and find different ways to take learning outdoors.

10. Laugh a lot, smile a lot, cry a little. Teaching is like that.

Teaching can bring great joy, but it isn’t always easy. Embrace your role as an educator this school year as you encounter the highs and the lows of teaching.

Want more words of wisdom for teachers? Check out Never, Ever, Serve Sugary Snacks on Rainy Days for additional tips and quotes!