If you want to know how to improve reading comprehension and increase reading retention, think about laughter and the brain, or more specifically, how laughter affects learning. If you laugh at something or have fun during an activity, you’re much more likely to remember it. By including humor in education, you can help children improve their learning and reading skills. Here are 10 funny books for kids you may want to consider adding to your classroom library:

  1. One Duck Stuck – The rhythmic verse of this story will make children want to sing and tap along, and the illustrations will also keep them engaged. The children in your care will love laughing their way through this book!
  2. Shake My Sillies Out – Read this book to the children in your care and shake your sillies, clap your crazies, and yawn your sleepies out together! Little ones will chuckle as they listen to the story and move around to the melody.
  3. Sheep in a Jeep – In this book, the author uses very few words to describe five silly sheep trying to ride in their jeep. The cleverly written story includes hilarious details that will keep young readers laughing.
  4. ABC Animal Jamboree – This book will make the children in your care giggle while also teaching them the alphabet. The silly rhyming and eye-catching illustrations in this story are sure to keep little ones engaged. 
  5. 10 Fat Turkeys – Children will love this story about 10 hilarious turkeys and the wacky illustrations that accompany it. Count down from 10 to one with the children in your classroom as you read this goofy tale together.
  6. One Fish Two Fish – This Dr. Seuss book is a classic that little ones will love! The silly rhymes in this book are sure to keep the little ones giggling.
  7. Punctuation Takes a Vacation – Teach the children in your classroom about punctuation with this goofy rhyming story. This book is so silly; it’s all about how silly words can be!
  8. Do Like a Duck Does! – Catch the attention of the children in your care with this funny book. While reading this silly story about a fox and a family of ducks, encourage the children to shout out the imposter’s true identity as he gets closer to the ducks. Little ones will love when Mama Duck confronts the fox and schools him at his own game.  
  9. Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp – Rock and roll and twirl and tromp with the dinosaurs and the little ones in your classroom while reading this book. Children will love laughing together as they do the Dinosaur Stomp!
  10. One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab – Count feet from one to 100 with this silly book! Crabs, dogs, insects, and snails offer their feet for counting in several hilarious, yet surprising, combinations. The children in your classroom will enjoy counting and laughing together.  

Additional funny books for kids are featured in the Laugh Out Loud Book Set. Be sure to check out our blog post “Using Humor in the Classroom” for tips on how to use humor in the classroom and a list of other humor-related products.