If you’re looking for a fun (and slightly messy) summer craft you can do outside with the children in your care, check out this watercolor art project for kids!


What to Do:

  1. Set up an art area outside that has either several easels or an easel with multiple sides. Fill spray bottles of various sizes with different colors of liquid watercolor paint. You may also want to label the bottles with what color they contain.
  2. Help children tape fun designs or their name/initials on the watercolor paper. If children are old enough, they can tape the design or letters by themselves.
  3. Take children outside to the art area you have set up. Give each child a turn at spray painting their pieces of watercolor paper. Encourage them to experiment with using the different colors/spray bottles. They can also experiment with how colors mix together on the paper and how their distance to the art easel affects what the paint looks like on the paper after it’s sprayed.
  4. Let the paintings dry, and then help each child carefully remove the tape from his or her paper. Display children’s spray bottle art in the classroom or send it home for them to hang up in their rooms.

This spray bottle painting activity is the perfect way to help children develop fine motor skills, practice letter formation, learn about color mixing, be creative, and just have fun! Our Insights and Inspirations article “Why Getting Messy Is Essential to Early Childhood Development” is a great related read to this blog post and activity. For additional art and craft activity ideas, check out the other crafts featured on the Kaplan Blog! Two of our more recent crafts include DIY Galaxy Paintings and DIY Sunflower Art.