Whether you’re opening a new child care center or remodeling a preschool or elementary classroom, researching classroom furniture options and choosing the best furniture for your center or classroom should be a top priority. This is because the furniture in a classroom affects the overall learning environment and how comfortable children are in the classroom, which is why you should skip the cheap classroom furniture available from a variety of retailers and purchase quality classroom furniture from a reputable school supply distributor or provider. Here are a few more reasons buying quality classroom furniture is worth it in the long run:

  1. Cheaper furniture has to be replaced and/or repaired more often. Quality classroom furniture is much more durable than cheaper alternatives. Buying classroom furniture can cost a lot of money, but the furniture will be used every day children are in school. You don’t want to have to replace and/or repair the furniture after just a couple years. It’s much more economical to spend a little more money on quality classroom furniture that will last longer.
  2. Cheaper furniture is usually not as aesthetically pleasing. Cheaper classroom furniture is often made of cheaper material, which is why it’s not as strong or as durable as some of the more expensive lines. It also doesn’t have the rich tones and beautiful designs that high-quality furniture pieces often feature. Keep in mind that there are a variety of different materials and finishes used to make classroom furniture, so you’ll want to make sure you research the furniture and read customer reviews before purchasing.
  3. Cheaper furniture is more likely to break and potentially cause injury. If the furniture you choose is made out of cheap material, it is much more likely to break with everyday use and cause a potential injury to you or the children in your care. You don’t want children to get a splinter in their hand, scratch themselves against a corner of the furniture, or fall on the ground when their chair breaks due to a loose part. Quality classroom furniture typically has beveled or rounded corners to help prevent injury and a better finish to protect from breaks and wood splintering. Quality furniture pieces are also better constructed and reinforced.
  4. Cheaper furniture is usually smaller, so you have to buy more, adding to the overall cost. You may think you’re getting a great deal on that storage unit, but will all of your manipulatives fit in it? That deal may not look so good if you have to buy two units instead of one, especially if you can buy one high-quality storage unit that will hold all of your manipulatives for about the same price. Make sure you check the dimensions of the furniture you buy to ensure that it fits your space and can handle what you’re going to be using it for. 

Quality classroom furniture is simply a much better long-term investment than the cheaper options available. If you’re in the market for high-quality daycare furniture or preschool furniture, Kaplan offers a variety of furniture lines, including several wood classroom furniture options. Learn more about two of our top furniture lines by reading our “Premium Solid Maple Furniture vs. Birch Furniture” article. You’ll also want to check out the Classroom Setup category of the Insights and Inspirations section for tips on choosing carpets and rugs, selecting the right sand and water table, and more!