Feeding children isn’t always easy, especially when the food often ends up on the floor instead of in children’s tummies. There are also a variety of serving, safety, and sanitation standards that make mealtime one of the day’s biggest struggles for childcare providers and early childhood educators. To help with the mealtime struggle, we’ve come up with a list of six products you can use to make feeding kids easier.

1. Family-Style Dining Divided Plates (Set of 12)

For children nine months and up, these divided plates are dishwasher safe and have deep walls to assist children in self-feeding. They would work great for toddler or preschool meals.

2. Training Plates (Set of 10)

If the children in your care are just starting to learn how to eat independently, these Training Plates are perfect for mealtime! The rounded top makes it easier for children to scoop food out of the plate.

3. Long-Sleeve Bibs (Set of 2)

These easy-to-clean bibs are made with soft, waterproof material to help young children feel comfortable as they eat. The elastic sleeves provide added protection from spills. If you would prefer bibs that don’t have long sleeves, check out our Junior Bib Set or some of the other bibs we have available.

4. Catch Bowl (Set of 2)

Bibs are a must at mealtime, but this Catch Bowl can help catch some of the food that falls before it makes a mess. The base features a suction cup that keeps the bowl in place, and the flexible food catcher funnels food back into the bowl. A coordinating Catch Plate is also available for purchase.

5. Loop Spoons (Set of 6)

These Kaplan-exclusive Loop Spoons help children at all developmental levels learn to eat independently. The rounded handles provide a variety of gripping options for children working on developing their fine motor skills. If you’re feeding toddlers, be sure to also check out our new Toddler Fork and Spoon Set.

6. TableFit™ High Chair

Bring children right up to the table with the TableFit™ High Chair. The eight different height positions make feeding easier and also help better position children at the table. A removable snack tray and an adjustable footrest are just two of the high chair’s features.  

Looking for other feeding supplies? Check out our selection of placemats, bibs, spoons, forks, plates, cups, pitchers, high chairs, and more!