Trees and flowers are blooming, sunlight is more abundant, grass is turning green again, and a variety of creatures are buzzing and moving around. Use all the changes spring brings to provide plenty of fun learning opportunities for your students. Here are eight spring activities for kindergarten kids:

1. Rainbows and Sunshine

Help children learn about rainbows with this colorful activity! Discuss why rainbows sometimes appear as children work on making their rainbow flags.


  • Crepe paper streamers in several colors
  • Empty paper towel rolls (two per child)
  • Glue or stapler

What to Do:

  1. Provide each child with several strips of different colors of crepe paper.
  2. For each child, cut the end of one of the paper towel rolls and slip it into the end of the other one far enough to make it sturdy. Use glue or tape to secure rolls together.
  3. Staple or glue the multicolored streamers close together onto the cardboard rolls.
  4. Let the rainbow flags dry if using glue.
  5. Encourage children to run and play while holding their rainbow flags! If desired, play children’s songs about rainbows as the children run and dance.

Source: The Giant Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities

2. Classroom Garden

Creating a classroom garden is a popular spring activity for many teachers and students. Whether you plant vegetables and fruit or plant a variety of flowers, it’s always fun and educational to care for plants and watch them grow. If you need help setting up a garden or need indoor-friendly gardening options, check out our selection of plant and gardening tools, such as the EarthBox Early Learning Site Pack, Raised Garden Kit, and Pop-Up Greenhouse. You can find a variety of gardening-related tips and resources in the Outdoor Spaces category of our Insights and Inspirations section.

You can also make a classroom garden as part of your spring crafts for kids. The Egg Carton Craft: Classroom Garden activity we previously did for the Kaplan Blog is a perfect spring craft for kindergarteners! Watch the video below and check out the original blog post for more information.

3. Raindrop Paintings

Explore the effect “rain” has on paintings with this fun activity. It’s also a great opportunity to teach young children about rain and other forms of precipitation.


What to Do:

  1. If possible, place the easel near a window where the children can observe an outdoor view.
  2. Invite each child to paint an outdoor scene showing the sky and earth. Encourage them to add trees, grass, flowers, and other natural features.
  3. Allow the paintings to dry. Before doing the next step, explain to the children that they will be adding water droplets (“rain”) to their pictures, which will dramatically change the way they look.
  4. Direct the children to spray the top of their paintings gently with water and watch the droplets of water roll down the page.
  5. Let the child continue as long as he or she enjoys the effect. They may wish to enjoy the process until all the paint has been rinsed away.

Source: The Giant Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities

4. Dyeing Carnations

If you’re looking for kindergarten spring activities that involve nature, science, and some cool visual effects for your kindergarteners to marvel over, dyeing white carnation flowers is the perfect activity for your class.


  • Six white carnations
  • Three clear plastic vases or cups
  • Food coloring of your choice (red, blue, and yellow recommended)

What to Do:

  1. Have the children in your class hypothesize about what will happen to the flowers when placed in the food coloring and water mixture.
  2. Pour water in the vases/cups until they are ½ to ¾ full. Add food coloring to each vase/cup and stir.
  3. Place two white carnations in each vase/cup. Observe the flowers throughout the day to see if they start changing colors. After 24 hours have passed, ask children to note any changes they see in the flowers, and discuss how the food coloring changes the color of the flower.
  4. You can also try putting one of the flowers from one vase into another to see if it changes colors again.

Source: Kitchen Counter Chronicles

5. Model Magic Bumblebees

Your list of spring activities for kids should include this fun craft! Use the activity as a learning opportunity for children by teaching them about bumblebees and why they’re important. Watch the video below and check out the original blog post for instructions and additional bumblebee crafts!

6. Colored Sand Drawing Bottles

Have you ever considered using sand as a drawing tool? Create your own sand drawing bottle with the activity below!


What to Do:

  1. Use a nail or pushpin to punch a small hole in the bottom of each water bottle before giving the bottles to your kindergarteners.
  2. Have children use the funnel to fill their water bottles with colored sand. Replace lids on the bottles, and cover the hole with tape to prevent leaking.
  3. Find a smooth surface outdoors. Have children remove the tape from the bottle and let the sand fall in a design while moving the bottle around above the ground. Be sure to use multiple colors to create even more fun!
  4. Replace the tape over the hole for easy storage.

Source: Art with Anything

7. DIY Bird Nests

Want to learn about birds with your kindergarteners this spring? Help children get hands-on experience with building nests with this DIY Bird Nests craft! Watch the video below and check out the original blog post for more information.

8. Spring Rock Garden

If you don’t have room for a school or classroom garden, consider making a spring rock garden with your class!


What to Do:

  1. Give one stone to each student and have them paint a design on the stone. They can paint their names, patterns, etc.
  2. Once students are done painting, let the stones dry. An adult should use spray or brush-on varnish to protect students’ designs. Let the stones dry after the varnish is applied.
  3. Help children decide on a spot to “plant” their rocks. It can be a classroom window sill or a spot outside on the playground or around the school. Children can place their rocks in whatever order they like to create a decorative garden that they can come back and visit for the rest of the school year.

Bonus Spring Activity Idea: Take a large piece of black paper or poster board outside (you may need two or three pieces if you have a large class). Have children sit around a table and use chalk or markers to make collaborative pieces of art while enjoying the outdoors.

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