Are the students in your class struggling to sit still during lessons? Do they like to find things to fidget with as they listen or work? Flexible seating is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Furniture in Motion

From Wobble Chairs and Jellyfish Seating to Hokki Stools and our new K’Motion Stools, flexible seating is furniture in motion. This type of furniture allows children to move and fidget as they work—without interrupting class or causing a distraction to others!

Flexible Seating Benefits

Flexible seating improves posture, calms the wiggles, helps children develop trunk control, and much more. Another benefit of flexible seating is that it’s easy to move around the classroom, making it easier for you to teach children one-on-one or for children to take the stools to different learning areas in the classroom. It also works great as furniture for children with ADD and ADHD.

Is It Safe?

Yes, flexible seating is safe for both children and adults. The wobble chairs and different types of stools are made for movement, which means children aren’t likely to fall off of them. For example, the K’Motion Stool has a padded base to prevent slipping and comes in several different heights to ensure children (and adults) of any age can find a flexible seating stool that fits them.

Order Your K’Motion Stools by 4/30/17

As part of our K’Motion Stool product launch, we’re offering customers a special discount! You can order any size K’Motion Stool in any color for less than $100. Comparable stools retail for much more and are rarely discounted. We realize this is still an investment, but it’s an investment worth making—even if you can only afford one or two for your classroom at the moment. Don’t miss this special deal! Order your K’Motion Stools by 4/30/17 for the discounted rate.

Want to learn more about creating a flexible learning space? Check out our quick guide!