You don’t always have to go to a homeschool supplies store for homeschool products. While we don’t specialize in homeschool supplies, many of the educational materials and supplies we sell at Kaplan can be used by homeschool educators to help children learn and grow at home. Check out this homeschool supplies list for just a few of the items you can add to your homeschool learning environment.

  1. K’Motion Stool – If you’re looking for homeschool furniture, don’t miss out on the K’Motion Stool. The stool has an ergonomic design and is easy to move, which allows children to set up for school at almost any table or desk, or they can take their K’Motion Stool outside for an outdoor activity. The stool can also help children focus as they work on their assignments.
  2. Mess-Free Messmatz – Available in blue or green, Messmatz helps children explore their creativity by containing messes children make while completing different art and craft activities. The mat is easy to clean, and it rolls up for easy storage. The edges of the tray are also flexible, making it easier and more enjoyable to use.
  3. Space Saver Wall-Mounted Paint Easel – You probably don’t have room for a traditional art easel in your home, which is why the Space Saver Wall-Mounted Paint Easel should be a must-have on your homeschool supplies list. The easel attaches to a wall or cabinet and has an angled surface to prevent paint from getting on the floor. There’s also a built-in tray that can hold four paint cups (sold separately).
  4. Children’s Books – If you’re homeschooling a child, it’s essential that you have a variety of children’s books available for him or her to read. The Library Starter Set, Life Cycle Book Set, and TIME FOR KIDS® Grade 1 Nonfiction Reader Sets are some great book sets to help you start your homeschool library. You can also visit your public library for additional book options.
  5. Time Timer® MOD (Sky Blue) – Utilize a timer in your homeschool environment to help children focus and manage their time. The Time Timer® MOD can also be used to break tasks into manageable parts or to track time for various games and activities.
  6. Robot Mouse STEM Activity Set – Introduce children to coding concepts and early engineering with this STEM set! Children can create a maze and then program the included mouse to navigate the maze and find the cheese.
  7. Kaplan Dough Literacy Mats – If you’re homeschooling a preschooler or kindergarten-age child, you’ll want these Kaplan Dough Literacy Mats on hand to help children develop their literacy skills. The Literacy Mats help children learn to recognize and form the letters of the alphabet while also helping children develop fine motor skills as they roll dough to form the letters.
  8. Light Stax® Illuminated Blocks Education Set – Your homeschooler(s) can build all sorts of fun designs with the 62 Light® Stax Blocks included in this set. To light up the design, children simply need to stack the blocks on top of one of the two bases included in the set.
  9. Wikki Stix® Multi-Use Manipulative Kit – Wikki Stix® are made with yarn and wax, allowing them to stick to almost any surface. This kit comes with 193 Wikki Stix®, a dry-erase board, and activity ideas. The Wikki Stix® Multi-Use Manipulative Set is great for tactile learning and can help children learn a variety of educational concepts.
  10. Yoga Planet Cards: 50 Fun Activities for a Natural Life – Every child needs physical activity during the day. They also need to know how to de-stress and regain focus as they work on their assignments. The Yoga Planet Cards feature a variety of yoga poses and activities that can be incorporated into a homeschooler’s schedule. It’s also a great activity that you and your child or the children in your care can do together!

For additional homeschooling tips, read “Teaching Tips for Homeschool Educators: Questions to Consider” and “Teaching Tips for Homeschool Educators: Finding Lessons in Home Life”. You’ll also find a variety of tips and resources in The Homegrown Preschooler by Kathy H. Lee and Lesli M. Richards.