January brings the promise of new beginnings and opportunities, and for us at Kaplan, it also brings the excitement of new catalogs and products. With a redesigned look and several new features, our 2017 Early Childhood Catalog can help you spend more time with the children in your care and less time finding the tools and materials you need.

Be sure to check out the 300+ items we’ve added to our selection—you can preview a few of our favorites below! 

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1. K’Motion Stools

Uses: K’Motion Stools give children the opportunity to channel their physical energy and get the wiggles out while sitting down. This flexible seating option is the perfect solution to helping active children concentrate on their lessons. 

Features: K’Motion Stools are available in four heights (12”, 15”, 18”, and 20”) and six colors (natural, red, light blue, primary blue, green, and black)! The lightweight, ergonomic, and easy-to-carry stools are perfect for the classroom and are great for both children and adults. 



2. STEM Play Mats

Uses: Our new STEM Play Mats can help enrich the science center by bringing nature indoors. You can turn the mats into a fun learning tool by encouraging children to look closer and investigate the different mat surfaces (grass, pebbles, or rocky terrain). 

Features: With three options to choose from, you can find the perfect play mat for your science center. Each mat has a polyester surface that makes the grass, pebbles, or rocky terrain look extremely lifelike. The rocky terrain mat is our merchandisers’ favorite!



3. Outdoor Seating Cushions

Uses: These colorful Outdoor Seating Cushions make it easier to take learning outside, and you and your students will find that they’re much more comfortable to sit on than the hard ground. Using the cushions for outdoor learning can also help prevent grass stains and dirt from getting on clothing. 

Features: The water-repellant and stain-resistant cushions are made of compressed foam that offers soft but firm seating. The cushions are also lightweight, making them easy for children to carry outside.




4. Healthy Eating Food Set

Uses: Our updated Healthy Eating Food Set is perfect for your dramatic play learning center. The healthier options and smaller portions in this play food set can help children learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits. 

Features: The 48-piece play set features realistic foods and drinks that offer children a variety of choices as they plan their next meal or have an afternoon snack with a friend. Fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, dairy products, and healthy drinks are all featured in the set. 



5. STEM Exploration Table

Uses: The STEM Exploration Table is more than a piece of furniture—it’s an interactive play station that allows for STEM-based activities to occur. Children can record their observations as they experiment with magnets, heat, magnification, and more on this state-of-the-art table.  

Features: The table comes with six discovery panels that feature magnetic, heat-sensitive, mirrored, chalkboard, dry-erase grid, and magnified surfaces, providing multiple opportunities for children to test and interact with specimens. Bins are also included with the table.



6. STEM/STEAM Carpets 

Uses: Created in collaboration with the Orlando Science Center, our new STEM/STEAM carpets walk children through the preschool scientific method. The carpets serve as the perfect complement to the STEM Exploration Table, and they can also add a sense of completion to your STEM learning area. 

Features: Both the STEM and STEAM Carpets come in two sizes (8’ x 12’ or 6’ x 9’) and feature vibrant colors with STEM-based icons decorating the border. 



7. Harvest Basket

Uses: Go back to the basics with our new Harvest Basket! Help children learn about plants, nutrition, gardening, and more with the included vegetables and activity cards. This is a great item to include in the dramatic play learning center or science learning center. You can also use this set to help children learn about counting and patterns. 

Features: The Harvest Basket comes with activity cards and 20 high-quality wooden vegetables, including green beans, tomatoes, yellow squash, and carrots. The textured, woven basket is the perfect size for young children to carry. 



8. Dough Mats

Uses: Covering a variety of learning areas, our Kaplan Dough Literacy and Counting Mats are the perfect way to help young children develop fine motor skills as they learn early literacy and math skills. The mats can also be used for sensory play as children manipulate the dough to form letters, shapes, etc. 

Features: Each of the 26 Literacy Mats introduces a letter and a corresponding object that starts with the featured letter. The nine Counting Mats feature one numeral and corresponding counting dots, so children know how many dough eggs to create and put in each nest. 



9. Magnetic Animal Habitat Set

Uses: Use interactive science to help children learn about a variety of animals and habitats with our Magnetic Animal Habitat Set. As children place animals in their natural habitat, they’ll learn three cool facts about each animal. 

Features: The Magnetic Animal Habitat Set features 36 animal magnets, six mats/habitats, seven activity cards, and over 100 facts about the animals included in the habitats. 




10. Look Who’s Talking Puppets

Uses: These adorable puppets are a great addition to your dramatic play center and are perfect for storytelling! Encourage children to create their own stories and puppet shows with the easy-to-use puppets. Adding a puppet theater can make creative play even more fun for kids!

Features: The eight puppets included in the Look Who’s Talking Animal Puppet Set have extra-wide mouths that allow for easy movement. 




11. Four Seasons Puzzle Set

Uses: Our new puzzle set features real-life images of children and families enjoying winter, spring, summer, and fall. Great for individual or group learning, the puzzles featured in this set can help children develop their fine motor skills and improve their cognitive skills. They can also be used to help children learn about the weather and other basic science concepts.  

Features: The Four Seasons Puzzle Set includes eight different puzzles (two puzzles for each season) that are self-correcting. 




12. Alphabet Floor Puzzle

Uses: Help children learn their ABCs and develop their fine motor skills with this fun Alphabet Floor Puzzle! The whimsical letters and colorful, real-life images are sure to capture children’s attention as they work on solving the puzzle. Be sure to also check out the Active Kids Floor Puzzle, North American Animals Floor Puzzle, and Wild Animals Floor Puzzle

Features: The 24-piece puzzle is made of durable cardboard and features a wipe-clean surface. 




13. Worry Eaters®

Uses: Having a few Worry Eaters in your classroom can encourage children to share their worries by writing or drawing about what’s bothering them and zipping it up in the Worry Eaters’ mouths. This is especially good for children with social and emotional challenges who often have difficulty sharing their emotions. 

Features: The fun colors and designs of the Worry Eaters appeal to many children, making Worry Eaters a very child-friendly option. Whether you choose Saggo, Enno, Schnulli, Wanda, or Bill for your classroom, your Worry Eater(s) will be there to help your students share their worries. 




14. Magnutto Make a Mood Emotional Magnetic Activity

Uses: The Magnutto Make a Mood Emotional Magnetic Activity makes learning emotions fun by having children create goofy characters with different facial expressions. The use of magnets to create different expressions encourages interactive learning. Children will learn to identify, express, understand, and respond to feelings and emotions with this activity. 

Features: Featuring words in three different languages (English, French, and Spanish), the Make a Mood Activity includes over 100 magnets, two multilingual activity cards, and a magnetic easel box. 



15. Jurassic Sensory Sands

Uses: Created by a geologist who mines and sells the sand from an actual geological site, our new Jurassic Sensory Sands are sure to be a hit with your students. The Jurassic Knot Sand, Jurassic Quick Sand, Jurassic Riverbed Sand, and Jurassic Garnet Sand would all be good alternatives to regular sand in your sand and water learning center or science center. The different textures, colors, and weights of the sands also make them great for sensory play. 

Features: Available individually or as a set, the Jurassic Sensory Sands are asthma and allergy friendly and free from dust, dye, residue, and chemicals.  



16. Smart Toss

Uses: Bring active play indoors with this versatile toss board! Smart Toss has four games in one. Students can choose to create their own game or use the different boards to match colors, shapes, and numbers with the included beanbags. This is a great way to get kids moving in the classroom while also helping them develop their gross motor skills. 

Features: Smart Toss comes with 12 beanbags, a game board (with storage pockets and carry handle), and an activity guide. The colorful boards and beanbags will help capture children’s attention and keep them engaged during the activity. 


17. Magnetic Building Sets and Accessories

Uses: Our Rainbow Solids Magnetic Building Set and Earth Solids Magnetic Building Set give children the opportunity to build larger structures than normal building sets allow. The two sets can be used together, and thanks to the magnets on all four sides of each panel, the building possibilities are endless! You also have the option of adding Heat Inserts and Plastic Mirror Inserts to help enrich the open-ended, STEM-related learning experiences. 

Features: Each set includes 11 color panels, eight white windows, and a STEM activity guide. The panels and windows each measure 9” x 9” and are made from durable, nontoxic materials.


Want to see more? Browse our New Early Childhood Products for 2017 page for even more new items. (Don’t forget to order the catalog as well!) If you’re looking for infant and toddler supplies, you’ll also want to check out our Infant and Toddler 2017 Product Preview. The full catalog will be available in April 2017.